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Throughout the history of humanity it has been necessary to walk for the development of all facets of life. The mobilization was done either on foot or with the use of animals. For its development, the different cultures have been creating and maintaining an extensive network of roads throughout the terrestrial environment.

Walking was and is one of the basic physical actions of the human being. In the 19th century, the invention of gadgets for mechanical mobilization (train, bicycle, automobile, and plane) has gone hand in hand with the creation of road networks with special characteristics and other facilities. Its efficiency, based on its greater capacity, comfort and speed, caused the disappearance of pedestrian mobilization in a notable way in the 20th century, but in parallel to this economic/technological development, in the most advanced societies, hiking is being claimed as a playful element that allows you to reconnect with the rural environment, with nature and with yourself.

The Orihuela's Mountain Range, despite being of "modest" elevation, is a natural space of great beauty and environmental value, becoming a paradise for lovers of hiking. This long mountainous formation, which reaches its maximum height at 634 meters from the Peña (boulder) of Orihuela (also known as Leja Millamón), offers kilometers and kilometers of trails to enjoy, making the five routes described in the following sections mandatory.

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