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Words from the sports councilor

Since I was little, sport has always been part of my life because I am excited to practice it. Over the years I have been doing different sports such as handball, futsal, futball, athletics, triathlon… Of all these, the most outstanding is that I was playing in the Real Murcia Women's soccer team, even competing in the national league, where I had the opportunity to play against the great teams of the Spanish elite.

Currently, I regularly practice athletics and participate in mountain competitions and asphalt races. As I am an athlete, and because of my experiences and previous experiences, I know perfectly well the needs and shortcomings of Orihuela sport.

Sports activity is basic and fundamental for the correct development of a municipality, therefore, being a sports councilor is a source of pride and a great responsibility for me to be able to live up to what this public function requires.

From the Department of Sports we are going to offer all our resources so that those people who want to practice some physical activity, have the possibility of doing it while always maintaining quality and professionalism standards.

Clubs, associations and other sports groups will always have the necessary support from the City Council so that the great work they carry out is much more bearable and satisfactory. My commitment to them is and will be constant over time, as well as close on a day-to-day basis.

We are going to maintain a fluid and up-to-date activity with the aim of informing about all the sports activities that are carried out, as well as resolving all those questions that are of interest to citizens and visitors.

I put myself at your disposal. A cordial greeting.

Patricia Menárguez López

Sports Councilor

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