The Municipal Sports Council is the collegiate body, through which the participation of citizens is channeled in matters related to municipal powers in sports matters. He is in charge of ensuring the execution of the municipal sports program and of advising and collaborating with the sports facilities policy of the municipality.

The Municipal Sports Council is made up of the President and the members of the Council.

The President of the Municipal Sports Council will be a member of the Corporation freely appointed and separated by the Mayor.

 It is the responsibility of the President:

  1.     Show representation of the Municipal Sports Council
  2.     Set the Order of the Day, summon and preside over the sessions of the Municipal Sports Council.
  3.     Settling the votes in case of
  4.     Request the assistance of the people who are considered necessary for the development of the
  5.     Request advice on issues related to the sports policy of the municipality.

Members of the Municipal Sports Council are:

  • A representative of the Municipal School Council.
  • One representative for each Club, Association and Sport Association of Orihuela that are registered as such with the Orihuela City Council.
    The Municipal Sports Technician.

Council Members will lose their status as such for any of the following reasons:

  • When the renewal of the Corporation occurs.
  • For permanent disability.
  • For having incurred in disqualification for the performance of Public positions.
  • For not holding a directive position in the club he represents in the CMD or not being a member of the Municipal School Council.

The Secretary of the Corporation or municipal staff in whom he delegates will act as Secretary.

The Secretary will attend Board meetings with voice, but without vote.

 The functions of the Secretary are:

  • Record the minutes of the sessions and attest to the agreements, with the approval of the President.
  • Issue the requested certifications regarding the Council's resolutions.
  • Custody of the Board Minutes books and the documentation related to the functioning of the Board.
  • Any other function entrusted to him by the President, within the scope of his powers.

    The functions of the Council are:

    • Request, through its President, information on any aspect related to municipal sports management.
    • Those that may be provided for in the Organic Regulation of the Corporation and in a future Regulation of Citizen Participation of the Hon. Orihuela City Council.

    The Council may be consulted in relation to:

    • Programming in sports matters, which are of municipal competence.
    • Issues related to sports activity, sports facilities, sports associations, etc.

    The Council will meet with ordinary character every six months; holding extraordinary meetings, when determined by its President or requested by at least one third of the members. For the constitution of the meeting, the presence of the president and of half plus one of its members on first call and one third of the members on second call will be necessary.

    The sessions must be convened three days in advance, except that for urgent reasons it must be convened in a shorter period, with a minimum of 24 hours. In the latter case, the urgency must be estimated by the absolute majority of its members at the meeting itself.

    The agreements will be adopted by an absolute majority of attendees. In the event of a tie, it will be resolved by the casting vote of the President.

    In matters not provided for in these Regulations, the provisions of the local regulations will be followed. This regulation will enter into force the day after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Province.

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