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The fifth sacred city in the world is in Spain. There is a path that leads directly to it from Orihuela. The Camino de Levante connects the Oriolan city with Caravaca de la Cruz, which has housed since the 13th century one of the splinters of the Lignum Crucis in which Jesus Christ died. This fact has made it worthy of being a special place for pilgrims, especially since Pope John Paul II granted Caravaca de la Cruz the Jubilee In Perpetuum.

The so-called Camino de Levante takes advantage of the infrastructures open only to walkers and cyclists, such as the Segura river speck and the Vía Verde del Noroeste. It is a route of almost 118 kilometers that combines the religious character with the culture, nature, sports and heritage of the interior of the Region of Murcia

This path is the first of a network of routes that, starting from different points in the region, come together in Caravaca de la Cruz, forming what is known as the Camino de la Cruz de Caravaca.

The Camino de Levante can be covered comfortably on foot in five days, since none of the stages exceeds 26 kilometres. On board a bicycle you can complete the distance in two days. Pilgrims have the great advantage that all the towns along the way have all the services a pilgrim needs.

The Camino de Levante has plenty of its own signage that gives it great visibility, using different types of orientation and informative signs. As this Way also coincides with sections that are in turn a greenway or Long Distance "GR" path, you will also find the usual signage for these itineraries along the route.

It may happen that some signs of the Camino deteriorate or even disappear due to weather conditions, vandalism or accidents, so it is advisable to download the tracks of the route on the GPS, mobile or tablet (available in KML and GPX) or take printed the layout.

You can also download the urban alternatives, proposed in various locations, which start from the Camino and link existing points of interest in the town.

These resources are normally marked with the urban or tourist signage of each municipality. Remember that during the Camino you will be able to access more information through the QR codes, which appear on the different posters of the sections, towns and isolated resources.

If you find any problem in the signaling of the Camino you can report it by clicking here.

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