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Devotion to the Vera Cruz has been the reason for seeking paths that link the towns of Granja Rocamora, Abanilla and Ulea with the Holy City through a non-motorized route.

Pilgrims who want to carry out their itinerant transit by these means can do so along the paths that seek their tranquility and the enjoyment of nature as a vehicle for body and soul to those superior sensations that people feel when we understand that we are doing what we are destined for.

This Vera Cruz road links the cities of Granja Rocamora, Abanilla, Ulea and Caravaca de la Cruz. From Granja and Abanilla we will travel through the extensive cultivated fields of this rich plain, passing through a place of geological interest, "Los Coloraos" and another of environmental interest such as "El Saladar". Between Abanilla and Fortuna we will go through the interesting wetlands of Ajauque to cross the last town towards the Cueva Negra. We will turn towards the Strait, already in the vicinity of the Sierra de Lúgar, which we will surround to reach El Rellano. In this place we can make a break to divide the route, as it has adequate facilities for it.

From El Rellano we head towards Ulea through cultivated fields on rural roads in search of the Ulea mountain range. We arrive at the area of Las Ventanas, after passing the Los Pelegrines farmhouse, we will cross the Albacete highway through the underpass and enter the mountain area where, on its south face, is the town of Ulea.

From Ulea we will cross the Segura river through Villanueva del Segura and we will go along asphalted rural roads towards the white lands of the Mula river region to arrive at Los Rodeos (Campos del Río), where we find the Camino del Apóstol, an itinerary that will take us to caravaca de la Cruz.

The proposed stages are indicative, each person organizes the routes according to his possibilities.

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