Activities in the natural environment->Introduction

Physical activity in the natural environment has evolved over time, coming to exist a large number of new modalities, becoming for many people a claim that motivates them to escape routine life and try new adventures and experiences in contact with nature.

This movement has made possible the creation of new projects in the natural environment where the individual can relate to the environment, since current society and new currents of thought have become sensitized to the existing link between man and nature, thus creating the basis of new social structures of relationship and awareness with the environment.

All activities, regardless of the place of practice, have at least three elements in common that are mentioned by different authors, such as risk, uncertainty due to a changing environment, and freedom or sensation of liberation. These three aspects interact in each and every one of the activities where we must estimate a series of basic security protocols to minimize risks. Already the author Ayora (2008), affirmed that 98% of accidents are avoidable, so one must be diligent, have respect for oneself and be responsible in what one does.

It is very important to observe that most of the users of natural spaces are essentially of urban origin, are not very used to the environment and are unaware of the effects produced by their actions, therefore, it is important to promote safely and sustainably the different activities that can be developed by the institutions, including detailed information on each activity and practice tips for each modality.

The exponential increase in practitioners has been the driving force for the creation of this set of activities in the natural environment, with the aim of publicizing our heritage, biodiversity and the different sports disciplines that can be developed in our municipality adapting to the heterogeneous levels of knowledge and physical conditions.

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