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The itinerary begins at the Parking Casa de los Tomasos, where we will move north along the track that we will find on the right hand side to continue until the intersection of Las Yeseras, where we will see various mining sites. From this point we will turn left in a slight ascent towards the junction of the Yellow Path (located on the right), which we will not take as it will divert us to the San Cristóbal Bypass.

Continuously ascent crossing and skirting ravines we will reach Collado del Puerto, where we will turn left, to later skirt next to the mountain range of the Sierra to Serratilla del Puerto, at this point we will have the option of ascending to Pico del Águila with 606 masl. Our itinerary will descend to the junction of the Senda de Castilla, turning left at the junction and descending next to the Barranco de Sanes, a section in which we must use our hands to progress whose slope will descend in the vicinity of the Cemetery of the Aparecida, where we will skirt the Sierra along a pipeline passing next to irrigation ponds until the end of the route.


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* The coding used for the evaluation table of the difficulty in the route is the following:

Severity of the natural environment.

  1. The medium is not without risks.
  2. There is more than one risk factor.
  3. There are several risk factors.
  4. There are quite a few risk factors.
  5. There are many risk factors.

Orientation in the itinerary.

  1. Well defined roads and crossroads.
  2. Paths or signs indicating continuity.
  3. It requires the precise identification of landforms and cardinal points.
  4. It requires off-track navigation.
  5. Navigation interrupted by obstacles to be skirted

Difficulty in moving.

  1. Running on a smooth surface.
  2. March on bridle paths.
  3. Walk on staggered paths or uneven terrain.
  4. It is necessary to use the hands or jumps to maintain balance.
  5. Requires the use of the hands for progression.

Amount of effort required (calculated according to MIDE criteria for a lightly loaded average hiker).

  1. Up to 1 hour of effective walking.
  2. Between 1 h and 3 h of effective gait.
  3. Between 3 and 6 hours of effective walking.
  4. Between 6 and 10 hours of effective walking.
  5. More than 10 h of effective walking.

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